Bookman’s lightupmyride weekly competition winners will receive a variety of Bookman products.

To participate in the competition, one or more images relating to the theme must be uploaded on Instagram using the hashtag #lightupmyride. A new winner will be announced weekly. A participant can enter as many times or weeks as they please, but can only win once during the duration of the competition. 

In order to win, the participant must have a public Instagram profile and give permission for Bookman to reproduce the image on their own website, Instagram profile and Facebook page. If you are a chosen winner, your photo will be posted on Bookman’s Instagram account with your Instagram name, as well as on the winner’s section of Bookman’s website. 


All winnings are personal and cannot be transferred, exchanged or redeemed for cash. Contestants under 18 need parental permission. Explicit images, or images that are contrary to the laws of Sweden are automatically excluded from the competition.

Instagram have separate terms and conditions, which Bookman is not responsible for.


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